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What does the name Bringschuld mean?
Who are you?
What is Bringschuld?
How does Bringschuld work?
What is a task?
How do I send check-ins for a task?
back_me_up && curl https://bringschuld.io/check_in/haksbk12h3qdh18217

Email: Each task has a unique email address associated with it. To check-in via mail you must send any mail to this email address.
(E.g. 9c80711da4e89ec678c@checkin.bringschuld.io)
Attached files may not exceed 25 MB.
Detailed Setup Instructions

What are email check-ins for?
Will I be alerted if a task checks-in at an unexpected time?
Will I be alerted if a task checks-in too often?
Do you support intervals that cannot be expressed through cron (e.g. every 30 days)
Can I enter cronrules?
Can I specify minimum/maximum run time?
What programming languages does Bringschuld support?
What features are included in the free trial?
What is the smallest interval?
Is there a maximum amount of alerts I can receive?
How do people use Bringschuld?
  • Monitoring cron jobs and alerting if they don't run as expected.
  • Timing jobs or tasks and alerting if they finish too quickly or run too long.
  • Monitoring heartbeats from queue workers, daemons, services, or any other application.
  • Audit and Compliance: keep an offsite, immutable log of what jobs ran and when.

What are my payment options?