We tell on your cronjobs

Quit manually checking if your tasks ran -
let Bringschuld alert you when they fail.

Your tasks can fail -
it's your job to know about it first

Periodic tasks, like cron-or email-jobs can fail silently. Unless you manually check if a task ran, you cannot be certain it worked. Worst case scenario: your users find out it failed before you do. Let Bringschuld alert you via text message and email the minute your task didn't run. How?

Checks or it didn't happen

By setting up Bringschuld you will give your company a complete overview of the status of all its cronjobs, tasks, email jobs and backups in one location. Since your tasks send Bringschuld check-ins via HTTP requests or email when they complete, you have a log documenting their behavior over time.

How it works -
two steps to take control


Set up a task on Bringschuld

Specify cronrule or interval (e.g. every 25 hours) and maximum run time
Specify who you want to be alerted if it fails (email and text message)

Tweak your task to send a request or email to Bringschuld when it ran successfully.

To use Bringschuld you need to send an HTTP request to your task's unique URL every time it finishes successfully. This works in any environment capable of making HTTP requests. Here is an example URL:

A cronjob in your crontab might be scheduled something like this:
0 1 * * * ./mybackup.sh
Change this line to
0 1 * * * ./mybackup.sh && curl https://www.bringschuld.io/check_in/yourTaskToken &> /dev/null
to send a check-in every time your task completes successfully.

To test that emails sent by your periodic tasks are finding their recipients you should use email check-ins. Tweak your email logic so it also sends an email to:

This way you will not only be alerted if the task fails to run, but also if there is something like an email queuing problem.
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